Even Goblins Get The Blues

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Even Goblins Get The Blues (8/18/20): Abernathy The Clear is the only therapist in a classic fantasy world. His patients include goblins, dragons, mermaids, and minotaurs, as well as a few humans. He practices in Sapphire City, a thriving commercial center thanks to its policy of welcoming any intelligent being who wishes to trade. When a bizarre crime takes place there, Abernathy is called in to offer insight and soon finds himself out of his comfort zone. Ultimately, he becomes enmeshed in a scandal involving one of his patients, and the legitimacy of his unique treatment method is called into question. To clear his client and himself, he has to rely not only on his old adventuring skills, but an unusual group of comrades as well.

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Even Goblins Get The Blues

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Patrick Rodgers

Even Goblins Get The Blues

Bahamian author Patrick Rodgers is a world traveler always in search of new music, great food, and honest conversations. His trips to North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and numerous other countries, as well as a love of history, have given him a rich palette of inspiration from which to create new worlds and stories. A lifelong writer, he placed first nationally in the Bahamian Arts Festival's storytelling contest for several years. Later he did editing and writing for gaming magazines. He loves bringing a bit of realism to classic fantasy and, he hopes, channeling a bit of Douglas Adams. He previously collaborated with Neil Gaiman, and as a DJ he has a Billboard Top 40 album to his credit. He is the first person in the US to foreclose on a bank. He wrote the storyline for the debut season of the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire and cast Hafthor Julius Bjornsson ("The Mountain" from Game of Thrones) in the lead role. He has presented two dinner events, Philadelphia's first Uyghur meal and America's first authentic 4,000 year-old Babylonian banquet. During some of his numerous TV appearances, Stephen Colbert called him a "Difference Maker" and Don Lemon referred to him as a folk hero. He loves living in Philadelphia but during the cold winters, he misses the islands and longs for a hot bowl of conch chowder.

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"If Neil Gaiman had ever written an episode of 'The Sopranos' with Dr. Melfi tending to a Centaur Tony Soprano -with just a hint of William S. Burroughs' smugness and alien sensuality - that would be the tone, texture and feel of 'Even Goblins Get The Blues.'" - a.d. amorosi, Philadelphia Weekly

"Original concept and humorous details" - Publishers Weekly

"Rodgers infuses his story with an appealing sense of empathy and compassion and a strong knowledge of mental health topics..." - Kirkus Reviews

"Puts a new spin on fantasy by exploring the psychological mindsets of the genre's classic creatures..Fans of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis will enjoy this novel's strong worldbuilding - particularly the distinctive history and lore - as well as its epic adventures." - Reedsy Discovery Newsletter

"Rodgers crafts a fantasy that is delightfully original and unexpected...fantasy, comedy, and solid psychological processes. Even Goblins Get The Blues [is] in a category of its own." - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"A book that's funny without being comical, poignant without being sentimental, and above all, tenderly true to its influences. A natural 20." - Kyle Cassidy, Author, This is What A Librarian Looks Like